Information & CommunicationTechnology

DPS STS is fully IT based school.

IT Department

School has a separate IT Department headed by a Head of IT. The Department provides all IT facilities to staff and students. We develop and maintain the School ERP system to communicate with Teachers-Students-Parents. IT Department updates the school website, official page of You-tube and Facebook on a regular basis and sends emergency notices to Parents through Web SMS service.

Cloud Service

We are using cloud based services and data storage for our employees, Teachers and Students so that they can access the resources and services round the clock from anywhere in the world. All the employees have 1TB dedicated cloud data storage.

Data Center

We have a dedicated air-conditioned Data Center equipped with two AC’s, Six DVR’s, Auto firefighting system, APC & TOTEN server RACK, HP & DELL power edge server, APC redundant online UPS, CISCO Router, CISCO Firewall, CISCO Core Switch, CISCO Access Switch, CISCO Controller based Access Point with auto redundant broadband link. 


Server Client System

DPS STS School Dhaka maintains an extensive server client infrastructure, which supports a wide variety of computing needs for their Staff and Students on both Campus.

Computer Labs

There are a total seven computer Labs in the school. Junior section has two state-of-the-art Labs & one Lab specially for pre-primary kids. As well as there are four computer Labs in senior section. Each Lab has thirty-one PCs and all are connected with LAN and internet.

LAN & Internet

All class rooms, libraries, Labs, office rooms have HP/Dell brand PC connected to server through a structural network & Wi-Fi connectivity. Every classroom has a PC connected with LAN, Web Cam (Senior Section), ceiling mount multimedia projector and interactive whiteboard (IWB) system. We have 250Mbps dedicated broadband internet connectivity from two different ISPs with auto redundant link at School.

Educational software & Smart Classrooms

We are using Educational software to provide technology based education to the students in their class rooms. Apart from that we are using our own School Management system, Google apps for Education and Office 365 cloud based service.
We are using Interactive smart class system in each & every class room. It provides tools and content for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. Teachers may also include their own learning materials for use by their students.