On the 16th of October 2015, students from Grade 12 of DPS STS School went on an educational excursion to Dhamrai, Savar to construct a home for the underprivileged as part of Habitat for Humanity, an organization that helps provide homes for the needy. The strong group of 12, led by Mr Imran Wahiduzzaman Khan, teacher at DPS STS School, worked on the construction site from 10am till 4pm carrying out tasks such as mixing concrete, evening out the floor and laying the foundation. The students along with the accompanying adults worked together as a team and successfully completed their tasks. It was a completely different experience for all participants as they got to engage in backbreaking physical labour, learning the art of construction and gaining a new sense of respect for construction workers. It is the endeavour of DPS STS School to engage students in Community Service and teach them dignity of labour.

The project was an initiative taken by Ajay Singh and Tasfia Hassan, 12th Grade students.