21st  March 2017

Dear Parents,
With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that the Music Department of DPS STS School is going to arrange a Music Competition titled Music Talent Hunt 2016-17 for all students of the Senior Section. Kindly encourage your ward to participate. Students have to collect an Entry Form from the music teachers in charge. One student can perform in two categories.

A)      Grade Division:       1. Grade 5 to 7      2. Grade 8 to 9        3. Grade 10 to 12
B)      Category:                 1. Solo (Voice)      2. Duet (voice)        3. Group (voice)      4. Instrumental
C)      Song Area:               1.  Classical          2.  Folk          3.  Hindi          4.  Bangla        5.  English        6.  Mash-up.

Terms & conditions:
1. The deadline of submitting the form is 28th March, Tuesday, 2017.
2.  Students must mention the title of the song / music and submit the lyrics along with the form.
3. The song should be approved by the MUSIC Dept. teachers.
4. There will be three (3) spheres of the MUSIC TALENT HUNT 2016-17 -- Audition, Qualifying and a Gala round (Final).
5.  The audition round will commence from 30th March, Thursday,2017 and available working days.
6.  The participants will be informed about the dates/timings of the qualifying round.
7.  The Gala round (Final) will take place on 15th April, Saturday 2017. 
8.  Students should bring their own instruments and equipment (if needed).
9. Students are allowed to use Karaoke and they have to submit that by 29th March, Tuesday 2017.    

Teachers in charge:
1. Mr. Touhidul Alam Khan Sonnet
2.Mr. Shafaitul Islam
Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Best wishes,
Harsh Wal
DPS STS School, Dhaka


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