Notice for First Term Report Card Distribution

Junior School
Session 2019-20
Grades 1 to 3

Dear Parents,
The First Term Report Card Day for Grades 1- 3 is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 3rd October,2019 and we have decided to hand over the First Term Report Cards to the students on that day.
Regular classes will be held on that day. Students who will not be present on that day may collect their report cards from school Front Desk Office after the Puja holidays (4th October to 13th October,2019).

Please note:
There will be no ASP on Thursday, 3rd October,2019.
The parents are requested to set up a meeting with their ward’s class teachers/subject teachers after the school reopens on 14th October,2019, if they have any concerns.
Thank You
Best regards
Harsh Wal